Choose Well

Integrative Wellbeing Services has created a resource hub to assist students in tending to their wellbeing. Living in the midst of a global pandemic impacts mental health in a multitude of ways ranging from allostatic load, difficulty falling or staying asleep, dealing with grief and the loss of important social rituals

The ChooseWell COVID-19 project is organized around IWS’ eight pathways to wellbeing (recognizing that there are many) that include self-compassion, rest, mindfulness, gratitude, meaning, community, connection and growth. These articles, practices, podcasts and other materials were culled by staff therapists to assist the community and are not intended to replace treatment by a mental health professional. In addition, IWS does not specifically endorse any of the articles and practices included and offers them solely as an invitation for the community to access a diverse array of supportive informational resources. 

We wholeheartedly invite you to explore and benefit from and share the resources here. The site will continue to grow so check back often and explore what speaks to you and will support you.