Collaborative Advocacy & Change Initiatives

  • Join a safe space dedicated to discussing gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. This once weekly drop-in group: is open to all students wanting to talk about their experiences with diverse gender or sexual identities; aims to facilitate relationship building through honest connection with peers; provides support for personal growth; and, builds community. View weekly opportunities.

  • The IWS team hosts group discussions with students and staff on key topics of a timely nature – beginning with race relations – on campus and beyond. Let’s have the conversations – engage in inter-group dialogues of substance and impact.

  • This is a place for international students to come together to share their experiences, build relationships, and learn from each other about living abroad and thriving at Williams. View weekly opportunities.

  • Join this supportive community as we connect through individual and shared stories. Together, we notice and name experiences of trauma related to racial oppression. Experience your story and find your personal empowerment to own your narrative of truth. View weekly opportunities.

  • Join this drop-in group designed to provide support and consult to JAs and JA-AB members. All topics and reasons welcome! View weekly opportunities.

  • Together Tuesdays @ 12:10 – are a time for all of us – students, staff and faculty to take a stand for a Williams and a world where ALL can thrive. In this time of so many divisions, all are invited to come together for 5 – 10 minutes – standing up for all identities, honoring all races, ethnicities, practices, etc. Come join us – as together, we celebrate and contribute to thriving for ALL. View weekly opportunities.