COVID Information for Students

A mask can be obtained upon entry if needed. As always it is highly recommended a mask be worn in public if you have any sick symptoms including but not limited to fever, cough, congestion, sore throat, or body aches.
Please call the Health Center with any questions or if you need to schedule a visit at (413) 597-2206.

Williams’ Covid policies are designed to help us safely provide the core aspects of a Williams education: in-person learning and exploration, chances to socialize with friends and colleagues, and opportunities to engage with our community and the world.

While the college can and will take steps to create a safe environment, no one can guarantee a risk-free campus. Students must also take steps to protect your own health and safety. By enrolling at Williams, you have agreed that you will do your part; avoid endangering yourself or others; and comply with the college’s rules and protective measures. As a reminder, all enrolled students must sign the Public Health Commitment and Acknowledgement (available through the housing portal) attesting to this promise.

The college periodically amends our plans and policies in response to emerging health concerns. These decisions are guided by information from the CDC, state officials and our local health board, and consultation with national public health experts. The college administration will announce and explain any changes as promptly as possible.

    • Masks are optional but encouraged on campus unless otherwise specified.
    • Faculty may continue to require masking in classes and labs at their discretion. Some departments and offices may choose to do the same in their spaces. Please keep a mask with you at all times, and mask up whenever asked.
    • Students may obtain masks at the Health Center. 
    • Students are no longer required to show proof of vaccination, though Williams strongly recommends that they be vaccinated and stay up to date with boosters.
    • For questions about boosters and vaccines, contact Student Health Services.
    • If you are experiencing possible COVID symptoms and need evaluation or testing, or if you are a close contact or have possibly been exposed to COVID-19 and wish to be tested, please contact the Health Center at (413) 597-2206.
    • The college no longer provides asymptomatic testing or free testing kits for home use.
  • Housing Options

    • If...
      • You live in a single, then isolate in your current room.
      • You live in a shared room and you and your roommate tested positive at the same time, then isolate in your current room.
      • You live in a shared room and your roommate has not tested positive in the last 90 days, and you wish to use a temporary room until your isolation period is over, please contact Housing for assistance.
      • Your roommate has tested positive but you continue to test negative, stay in your current room.
    • Students who test positive and can get home via a personal vehicle may work with the college to determine whether you can complete isolation at home. Please speak with your staff contact before leaving campus.

    Medical and Academic Support

    • For medical concerns during isolation, contact Student Health Services.
    • Your professors can help you make arrangements to stay on track academically during your absence. If you have to miss classes, projects or assignments please contact them as soon as possible for help.


    While in isolation you may leave your room to pick up food from Paresky as long as you stay fully masked while out. Please go directly to your dining location, pick up your food to go and carry it straight back to your room to eat.

    • Available locations in Paresky include Whitman's and all of the GET mobile app sites: The '82 Grill, Fresh 'n Go, and Lee Snack Bar.
    • If you choose Whitman's you may go through the buffet lines as long as you take the food back to your room.


    The college is no longer designating specific bathrooms for people who are isolating. Students may use any appropriate bathroom.

    • Students who test positive are expected to identify and inform any close contacts.
    • If you find out you are a close contact please mask for ten days after your last contact with the COVID-positive individual and monitor yourself for any symptoms.
    • If you are a close contact, have possibly been exposed to COVID-19 or have suspected symptoms and wish to be tested, please contact the Health Center at (413) 597-2206.