Education & Skills Development

  • Exploring Gender and Sexual Orientation
    Join a safe space dedicated to discussing gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. This once weekly drop-in group: is open to all students wanting to talk about their experiences with diverse gender or sexual identities; aims to facilitate relationship building through honest connection with peers; provides support for personal growth; and, builds community. View weekly opportunities.
  • Food for Thought
    The IWS team hosts group discussions with students and staff on key topics of a timely nature – beginning with race relations – on campus and beyond. Let’s have the conversations – engage in inter-group dialogues of substance and impact. View weekly opportunities.
  • Healthy Relationships
    This group builds skills in communicating directly, handling conflict, managing transitions in relationships and balancing intimacy and autonomy. Come develop skills in healthy boundaries, self-care within relationships, and having honest conversations. View weekly opportunities.
  • Mood-Lifters: Managing the Ups and Downs
    Do you experience shifts in mood – sometimes feeling great and then feeling like you are sinking lower, feeling bad about yourself, and withdrawing from others? This group invites those struggling with the day-to-day shifts in mood as well as those grappling with depression to find support and healing, along with skills to manage mood shifts. Guided by self-compassion, mindfulness skills and positive psychology, this group offers students a chance to connect, authentically, however they are. View weekly opportunities.
  • Thriving with Complex Emotions
    Join this skills-based group geared toward more effective living and improved quality of experience – especially in managing complex feelings and situations. Learn to honor and work with your intense emotions to help you thrive, behave with intention – not reaction, all with non-judgment. Strengthen yourself and your relationships in the process. View weekly opportunities.
  • Thriving Thursdays
    Practice group for mindfulness and meditation skills development – simple practices with a big impact on concentration, relationships with stress, self-care, sleep, and overall wellbeing. No experience necessary – come and practice with us. View weekly opportunities.
  • Understanding Yourself Through Understanding Others
    Come join a group of your peers committed to personal growth and assisting each other with diverse concerns. This psychotherapy group provides a forum for students to discuss the meaningful aspects of their lives and explore relationships and dynamics as they occur in the group experience. Take this opportunity to improve self-awareness, explore dimensions of personal concerns such as anxiety and depression, and relationships of all sorts (i.e. familial, romantic, social, etc.). View weekly opportunities.