For Parents and Families

While Williams may be a very long way from home, rest assured that the college is completely committed to your student’s health and well being.

We in Health Services fulfill that commitment by providing a full range of medical and counseling services, health education programs, and 24/7 emergency response. Learn more about us in this brief overview of services.

All registered Williams students may use the Health Center, and there are no charges for clinic visits or counseling visits at the Health Center. Most laboratory tests and diagnostic studies, prescription drugs and consultation or treatment outside the Health Center are the student’s financial responsibility as are certain vaccines required for students traveling internationally.  Learn more about the health insurance requirements  under “Williams Healthcare Premium” below.

We provide these services to your student (just as your professional caregivers provide them to you) with the promise of full confidentiality. Indeed, except in cases of clear emergency, we’re legally prohibited from sharing any information about our confidential conversations with your student unless he or she gives us permission to do so.

Within these guidelines, we’re delighted to partner with you in ensuring your student a healthy Williams experience. You can help us best by…

  1. learning about the full scope of our services. Our website is a comprehensive information resource, and we’re happy to answer any general questions you might have.
  2. encouraging the student to call or stop by the Health Center with any question or concern. Once students learn how easy and comfortable is is to access our services, they’re empowered to take charge of their own health and well being as young adults

If your student is new to Williams, focusing on the following will help for a smooth transition.

Accept or Waive the Williams Healthcare Premium

Massachusetts law requires all college students to have health insurance. Williams offers health insurance with an annual premium. If you determine that your own insurance plan provides comparable coverage, you must waive participation in Williams’ insurance plan before August 1 to avoid that charge. If you need Williams’ health insurance coverage, please enroll before August 1. More information can be found here.

Health Requirements for New Students

All medical history and immunization information must be completed and received by the  Williams Student Health Center by July 1st, in order for your student to obtain their dorm room  key and participate in any EphVentures program during First Days orientation.Your student will need to see a doctor visit to complete and submit these required documents, so it pays to plan early!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We enjoy working with our wonderful students and welcome our new students to Williams College !