For Students with Chronic Health Conditions

Williams provides a wide range of support systems for students with chronic medical conditions. While it all begins with the Health Center, rest assured that the Dean’s Office, Accessible Education, Dining Services, and (for first-year students) Junior Advisors are all here to help you get the support your need to thrive. 

  • In case of emergency, students should call 911 from their cell phone or 9-911 from a campus phone.

  • Williams requires every matriculating student to provide our health center with a health history, immunization record, and physical exam results. This information is kept confidential, according to HIPAA guidelines but it is essential to equip our health professionals to respond to each student’s particular medical status.  If you have a chronic condition, we strongly urge you to schedule a phone conversation with our Director of Medical Services Deborah Flynn ([email protected]) in July or early August of your first-year at Willaims.

  •  It’s always best to begin by calling the health center at 413-597-2206. Our professional staff can help determine if an ER visit is the best course of action.

  •  Prescriptions can be filled at The Williams Apothecary or mailed to campus. (If the latter, see precautions on mailing refrigerated medications.) 

  • Yes.  Call the Health Center at 413-597-2206 for details. 

  • We provide free transport for non-emergency appointments: advance scheduling required. Learn more.

  • It may be helpful to have a specialist located in Berkshire County. Berkshire Medical Center contains many different specialist practices.

  • Berkshire Medical Center’s emergency department, 10 minutes from campus. Depending on a student’s particular condition, transportation may be arranged to comprehensive medical centers in nearby Pittsfield, MA or Bennington, VT.

  • Use this checklist to help determine whether to sign up for Williams Coverage or submit a waiver request. Williams covers the full cost of health insurance for financial aid recipients who do not have health insurance or whose health insurance does not meet the college’s requirements for coverage.

  • Yes. Professors are required to honor formal accommodation plans developed through the Office of Accessible Education. Please contact the OAE to initiate an accommodation plan to address your needs.  OAE provides accommodation plans designed for the specific needs of students with chronic health issues.

  • Yes. Contact the Office of Accessible Education to explore options for accommodations.

  • Yes. Williams offers a wide variety of physical education classes in order to provide options for all students. Contact Carolyn Miles [email protected] or the Office of Accessible Education if you have concerns.

  • Yes. Contact the Office of Accessible Education to explore options for accommodations.

  • In order to compete in organized athletics, students must fully disclose their medical history to the Sports Medicine department.  (This is done in the summer before their first year at Williams via this patient portal. through the Students may request that a particular condition not be shared with the coaching staff and disclosure to their teammates is always at their own discretion.

  • Under the direction of a physician, athletic trainers are able to assist in a wide variety of treatments for many medical conditions.

  • No. If you feel you are being discriminated against for your condition, contact the Office of Accessible Education or the Dean’s Office. Any form of discrimination or retaliation is in violation of Title IX and campus inclusion policy.