Groups, Workshops and Skills Building Sessions

  • Mondays @ 3pm, Tuesdays @4pm, Wednesdays @11am, Thursdays @ 4 pm

    Drop in sessions for brief confidential or one on one or small group discussions with an IWS therapists. Sessions held remotely.

    If something about sport, performance, or life in general is on your mind, let’s talk.

    Email [email protected] with preferred meeting times to reserve an appointment and receive a meeting link.

  • Mondays, Feb. 19 – Apr. 22,   4-5:15 with Amrita Lash,  LCSW

    • This creative and expressive support group is a space for
      students to explore their inherent inner wisdom and
      make meaning of their lives through lessons learned and
      personalized affirmations.
      Collage and multimedia materials will be used to create a
      unique synchronicity oracle deck.
      Community, belonging, support, and joy will be
      cultivated and nourished.
      The group will meet for 8 weeks:
      Mondays from 4-5:15, February 19 – April 22.
      Group is closed for Spring 2024 but watch for future offerings!
  • Tuesdays, February 13 – March 12, 4-5 pm with Wendy Zunitch, LICSW and GinnyLyne Guisadio, Counseling Intern

    Graduating from Williams is a huge transition from being a student to suddenly becoming an adult. This is a uniquely stressful time in a student’s life.  Anticipating this change may evoke a wide range of (sometimes contradictory!) feelings including fear, anxiety, apprehension, excitement, joy, curiosity, and even relief. 

    You are not alone!

    Williams College graduating seniors are invited to connect with one another in a supportive space to explore their reflections on time spent at Williams and thoughts and feelings about what comes next.

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  • Thursdays,   4:15-5:15 with Amrita Lash,  LCSW and Paul Gitterman, LICSW

    This psychotherapy support group provides students a unique community experience that supports group members’ emotional and psychological needs and goals. Collectively, the group provides a space where authenticity, connection, and mutual support are possible. We meet weekly on Thursdays from 4:15 to 5:15.

    This Group is Closed for Spring Semester 2024.  Check back in the fall for another offering.

    Thursdays 5:00–6:00 pm, Feb 8th – May 9th with Jamie Davenport, LCSW
    What: Queer Identity Exploration Virtual Drop In – A virtual space where students can discuss/explore any and all things queer. This drop in is perfect for someone questioning their identity or looking for resources to understand themselves better.  
    When: Thursdays 5-6PM  
    Email [email protected] to reserve a spot!

  • Mondays 3:00–4:00 pm, March 11th – May 6th with Sennur Khoso, LCSW

    This drop in is for students who identify religiously or culturally with Islam regardless of their level of practice. Discuss struggles around observance during Ramadan, grief and loss, spiritual questioning, experiences with Islamophobia, and more.
    Mondays between 3 – 4 PM; in-person at IWS, Pond House for Wellbeing, 100 Hoxsey Street.
    Email [email protected] to reserve a space.