Substance Abuse Problems


Did you grow up in a household
where someone drank too much?

If so, you may need to be more aware of the
choices you make about alcohol and other drugs.

Watch for these signs:

  • You wonder if you are using substances too much.
  • You use alcohol or other drugs to solve problems.
  • You compare your substance use to that of your family members.
  • You do things while you are high/drunk that you wouldn’t do otherwise.
  • You lose interest in friends, academics, hobbies, athletics or other activities you once enjoyed.
  • You spend more time getting high/drunk or thinking about the next possible opportunity to do so.

These are some signs of substance abuse problems, and oftentimes young people from substance-abusing families experience more of these types of problems than other people.

If you find you are having problems with drinking, or the effects of other people’s drinking, call Laini in the Health Center at x3165 for help or information.

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