All prescriptions for delivery to the Health Center are filled by Rite Aid Pharmacy. Delivery generally occurs between 1:00 and 3:00 pm Monday-Friday. Prescription pickups do not require an appointment and prescriptions may be picked up any time the Health Center is open. – To have your prescription delivered YOU MUST:

  1. Phone Rite Aid Pharmacy (413) 458-2138.
  2. Inform pharmacy staff you are a Williams student and would like your prescription(s) delivered to the Health Center.
  3. Give them your insurance information.
  4. Give them your debit or credit card information (for insurance co-pay).

You must call  Rite Aid directly and provide them with this required information, otherwise a delivery will not be made. If you don’t pick up your prescription  at the Health Center within 10 days, it will be returned to Rite Aid and your payment method and insurance will be credited back. This is an insurance regulation. Rite Aid Pharmacy may send you a text message that your prescription is ready for pick up. This does not necessarily mean it has been delivered to the Health Center, only that it has been processed at the pharmacy. Rite Aid generally delivers prescriptions after 1pm on weekdays.  Certain classifications of prescriptions must be picked up by the student directly at the Rite Aid Pharmacy.