Professional Training & Workforce Development

Williams College Integrative Wellbeing Services offers the following opportunities for graduate students and post-graduates in the field of mental health who are working toward professional licensure.  Workshop opportunities for professionals are also occasionally offered.

  • Post-Graduate Psychotherapy Fellowship in Multicultural/Integrative Care

    We staff 3 individuals for 2-year appointments each academic year.   When there are positions available, detailed information regarding the appointment and application process will be posted on this site.  We anticipate the next hiring cycle to begin in November 2018 for the 2019-20 academic year.

    Post-Graduate Fellow Job Description

  • Graduate Internships
  • Workshops for Professionals

For further information about these opportunities, please contact:

Dr. Craig Piers
Staff Therapist/Director of Education
Integrative Wellbeing Services
[email protected]