Transportation to/from Medical Appointments

This service is for non-emergency medical services only. For Emergency Help, Dial 911 from any campus phone.

Non-emergency transportation to appointments for medical and clinical care services in Berkshire and Bennington (Vt.) Counties is available to all Williams students.

  1. This free service is dedicated to non-emergent medical transportation only. (24 hours/day)
  2. Students should call (413) 597 – 4545 to request a ride (it is strongly encouraged you provide 24 hours to insure the vehicle will be available at the time requested)
  3. Be prepared to provide:
    1. Your name
    2. A call back number
    3. The street address and name of the business/clinic where you have your appointment
    4. The time of your appointment
  4. All rides leave from and return to Thompson Health Center or Hopkins Hall / Campus Safety & Security – no other locations are permitted
  5. The non-emergent medical transportation service is continually responding to calls and transporting students, so there may be wait times to return to campus. Discuss this directly with your driver so you can plan accordingly.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, call to cancel/reschedule so we can best serve all who need the service.

Frequently Asked Transportation Questions

  • Q: What medical services are eligible for the NEMT?

    A: Doctor’s appointments, physical therapy appointments, dental visits, urgent care visits, x-rays, blood tests, etc. are examples of the types of eligible services. You can also call for pickup if you were taken to a hospital within the service range for an emergency and need a ride back to campus after discharge.

  • Q: What is the range of the service?

    A: The service includes major portions of Berkshire and Bennington Counties – as far south as Pittsfield and as far north as SVMC. If you aren’t sure if your destination qualifies – just ask!

  • Q: Can I bring a friend with me?

    A: In order to make sure we have enough space in the van for people using the service we ask that you not bring a friend unless it is a necessity.