Student Health Insurance

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires health insurance for all full-time students.

Williams College offers a comprehensive student health insurance plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBS) at a very affordable price: $2,291.00 for 12 months of coverage.

  • The Williams College plan is fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act and provides access to health care providers and comprehensive benefits when you’re at Williams.
  • Care and services received from a BCBS participating provider are covered with no deductible and at 100%. Out of Network coverage is covered at 80% after a $250 deductible.
  • The plan is fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act and provides worldwide coverage, 24 hours a day, throughout the policy period, August 15, 2020 to August 14, 2021. (This feature can be especially reassuring to graduating students who may need a few months following graduation to secure employment.)

Unless you waive coverage by August 15th of each academic year, we will automatically enroll you in the Williams health insurance plan at a cost of $2,291.00 for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Use this checklist to help determine whether to sign up for Williams Coverage or  submit a waiver request. If Gallagher does deny your waiver request they will advise you the reasons. If after speaking with Gallagher you still have questions they will advise you on whom to call.

New Log-In Process
User Accounts have been created for you by Gallagher Student Health. You will now login to Gallagher Student Health Insurance using your Williams College email address as your User Name and your Williams College student ID as your initial/temporary password.

For general information on benefits, on how to enroll, or services issues, contact Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk at (800) 406-5205 or visit

Rest assured: students who waive the Williams insurance plan are entirely eligible and welcomed to use the Health Center. Whether you’re insured by the Williams plan or another policy, it is your responsibility to know and understand the terms and limitations of your insurance coverage.