Tending to All of You: Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit

Integrative Wellbeing Services

Are you:

Feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed?

Worried about your family back home?

Concerned about your relationships?

Thinking about something that has happened and want to talk more about it?

Wondering what it would be like to have a dedicated time to slow down and check in with yourself?

Looking to understand your emotions and responses?

Worried that you don’t belong at Williams?

IWS offers a variety of options to find support.

All clinical services are free to enrolled Williams students.

Different support that you can receive from IWS, including crisis management, psychiatry, Talkspace, group and self-scheduled support, support around sports (on-demand), and therapy (weekly).
IWS Support Available

How to Connect with Us

Request an appointment (link to sending an email).

Please include blocks of time that you are available to meet with a therapist

 and type “Scheduling” in the subject line.

Speak with a therapist after hours, on weekends and during breaks and holidays

(Dial 413.597.2353, press option 2)

Schedule a crisis appointment

(crisis= more things happening than you want to hold alone) 

Dial 413.597.2353

Learn more about TalkSpace, online telehealth platform available to all enrolled Williams students

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