What to do if you think you've been exposed to COVID-19

First, even if you feel well you should always practice constant social distancing. As discussed in a recent campus email, even people who feel or seem healthy can transmit COVID-19. Without social distancing, you could unknowingly infect someone who’s at high risk. Or you could catch the virus yourself, even if the person you’re with seems fine. As strange as it sounds, the best rule for social distancing is to act as if everyone around you is sick and keep your distance accordingly.

  • If someone with whom you’ve been in close contact is confirmed to have COVID-19, you should immediately begin self-monitoring (you’ll typically be notified by state public health officials if you’re considered a close contact). Self-monitor by taking your temperature daily. The college has provided you with disposable thermometers for this purpose. If you need more, call the Health Center at 413-597-2206.

  • If you develop a fever, dry cough or shortness of breath, please contact the Health Center immediately at 413-597-2206. We’ll help you assess your condition over the phone. You’ll also be asked to isolate and avoid any contact with other people for 14 days while continuing to monitor symptoms. A medical professional will contact you daily during this time to help and make sure you’re safe. They’ll also help arrange testing if you meet the criteria. But in general you’ll be able to self-monitor from your room, and the college will deliver food to you there.

  • If someone is tested and the test turns out positive for COVID-19, or if one of our medical providers believe such a diagnosis is highly likely, then we’ll need to move the ill person into one of several campus buildings being prepared for that purpose, and we’ll arrange for all necessary medical care.